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Welcome to Business Insights with Matt Milia!

Our goal in this podcast is to help you nail and scale your business. If you are thinking about getting into real estate, starting a business, or becoming a digital marketer, then you are in the right place.

Matt is the owner and co-founder of Appointments Today, a virtual inside sales company, which he started back in March of 2015. He has worked in Mortgage and Real Estate since 2004. He is on a mission to help over 1000 clients nail and scale their business yearly. Matt has hired hundreds of Inside Sales Agents and coached thousands of Real Estate Agents.

When it comes to lead generation and lead conversion, he has a wealth of knowledge. Matt is also a digital marketer who has trained and coached with Frank Kern, Ryan Stewman, and Michael Reese, some of the most respected names throughout the industry.

Growing up, every career placement test I ever took said that I should be an entrepreneur.


We know that to take your business to the next level you need the knowledge and practical application to help you take the first step. We will share the road map with you throughout all of our episodes.

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In this episode, Matt and Kristen both explain their journey. We also talk about why the current Real Estate Model is broken and what you can do to make sure you don’t make the same mistakes hundreds of others have made. Kristen was in Real Estate throughout most of the ’90s. Kristen has seen the dramatic changes that have occurred in the industry. When she was making calls and knocking on doors, Inside Sales Agents did not exist. Today, Kristen is learning the ins and outs of different CRMs, lead generation systems, and applying her vast amount of experience and knowledge to assist in the strategic growth of the Inside Sales Organization. 

Kristen is also a digital marketer who has trained with some of the best including Billy Gene, Vince Reed, and Big Marv. Utilizing Kristen’s marketing and business insight will help propel Appointments Today to a top-notch company.

Matt Milia and Kristen Bradaick discuss compensation for an ISA. You can go to to find out what the average salary for an ISA is in your area. They should make enough money to come into the office every day and then you compensate them on top of that based on performance. The last thing you want is to put all the time and effort into hiring and training them just for everything to be dialed in by the time they take another job and leave because they cannot support themselves, then you are back to square one.


In this episode Matt Milia & Kristen Bradaick interview Dale Archdekin! Dale Archdekin is the founder of Smart Inside Sales, a coaching and training company serving residential real estate agents and brokers. 

As former Director of Lead Generation for a top-5 Keller Williams Realty mega team, Dale was instrumental in more than doubling the team’s sales to over $200 million in just 3 years. Dale’s journey to becoming a trusted voice in residential real estate lead generation began with a high school job in telemarketing. Fast-forward more than twenty years and Dale is now a celebrated author, speaker, and mentor in building and managing real estate sales teams and lead generation departments. 

Matt Milia & Kristen Bradaick discuss with Dale Archdekin the importance of keeping a learner mindset. They discuss what the self-proclaimed gurus don’t want you to know about. It’s those that believe they are an expert that need the most work. Always be a student so you can stay a master at your craft. It takes a constant, consistent pursuit of perfection to improve daily.


In this episode Matt Milia & Kristen Bradaick interview Joel Hollo Team Lead and Real Estate Coach at Stasek Group Brokered by eXp Realty! 

📈Do you want more predictability when it comes to your team’s performance? 

🤝How about a better overall culture within the team? 

👨🏼‍💻What if you could do all of this without hiring more managers? 

✅In this episode we share with you a strategy that will ultimately drive massive production and hold your team to the highest level of accountability! 

🕰 Best of all this strategy is free and ultimately will save you huge time and money in the long run! 

🔥Joel Hollo is bringing the fire!🔥 

Growth Sucks Capital. If you’re not growing you’re dying. Growth is not only necessary but it’s the cornerstone of all success! We talk more about that in this episode.” 

Most people overestimate what they can do in a year and underestimate what they can accomplish in 10.

You gotta be willing to be in it for the long run and take your bumps and bruises along the way.


In this episode, Matt Milia & Kristen Bradaick interview Jasmine Ramirez, owner of another ISA company Virtual People Solutions, about the inner workings of the inside sales model and how it all came to be! 

📈 🤔If companies could just work together and learn from one another they would not only grow but they would thrive! 

🌱 👨‍🏫We share when you should hire an ISA, what funds you will need and an overview of the day-to-day. 

✅ In addition, we also share the exciting announcement of Virtual People Solutions INC Merging with Appointments Today! 

You can go fast alone but you can go further together. When two business minds come together to form one superpower that’s when legacies are born.


In this episode, our Team Strategist Kristen Bradaick takes over and interviews Operations Manager Milton Machado while Matt Milia is at Michael Hellickson’s Club Wealth Seminar in Anaheim, CA! ✈️

Milton is absolutely integral to our success and is a wealth of knowledge in many different facets of the real estate industry. Kristen helped grow our page an additional 600 followers in 6 weeks by doing really simple things…….if your FB strategy could use some help, this is perfect for you!

They talk about trends and the future of inside sales for 2020! Milton & Kristen also talk about the importance of delegation and the 4 quadrants.


In this interview, Matt and Kristen dive deep on content strategy! They share the inner workings of how to defeat the dreaded Facebook algorithm. They show you how to dominate your zip code using social media as the catalyst. Using these same strategies we grew our page an additional 600 followers in 6 weeks by doing really simple things.

If your FB strategy could use some help, this is perfect for you! We also dive into TikTok! 

💸 When people are scrolling on Facebook they are way more likely to stop and watch a video. You need to do something to catch them off guard and grab their attention to #stopthescroll. Using a prop like a money gun helps to do this and get people to notice your post. 

Going Live is the best way to grow your audience organically & it’s free.


In this episode Matt Milia & Kristen Bradaick interview Nicki Gregory, the Co-Founder of Agents ACT (Agents Against Child Trafficking) and the Founder of The Red Door Group LLC Brokered by Exp Realty in Amarillo Texas! 

🏠 Nicki is not only an amazing agent who runs her team at The Red Door Group in Amarillo Texas but she also runs and advocates for her nonprofit organization Agents ACT. 

💙 Agents ACT is the first real estate agent led nonprofit organization created to fight child trafficking and slavery. Agents ACT (Agents Against Child Trafficking) was born from a friend of Nicki’s over in Thailand who has rescued over 500 children. Nicki knew there was a better way to help her friend. She started because she knew that in order to make a bigger impact she needed to get more people involved. Her goal was to help the kids and ultimately save these babies born into this horrible lifestyle. 

💙 Everyone wants to be a part of something bigger than themselves, an ecosystem that gives back. We may not be able to save all these children but for each child that we save we made a difference in that one’s life. Steve Jobs said it best, “If we are not going to make a dent than why are we even here.”

We feel that this industry can make a real dent and a difference.


In this episode Matt Milia & Kristen Bradaick interview Sid Clevinger! 

Sid is a digital marketer, author, coach, and speaker. He runs multiple businesses including an advertising agency that does 7 figures a year in contracts, a CBD Commerce business where his team is getting to help multiple new entrepreneurs sell the CBD and live their dream of entrepreneurship.

He also coaches on building your influence on social media and online. He’s written 5 books on marketing and advertising on social media and has been mentioned and contributed to multiple publications both domestically and internationally. 

Here is Sid’s story: 

“My story that led me where I am now is one that started with a gun in my hand at the end of 2016 and has physical abuse, emotional abuse, theft, infidelity, embezzlement, anxiety, depression, anxiety attacks and panic attacks so bad I used to pass out in bathrooms, to now being a successful entrepreneur making 7 figures annually and running multiple businesses. My highest intention is to help 1,000 people with guns in their hands to choose life and become successful with their lives like I did.”

He goes over: 

>His story and lessons learned 

>How to generate leads on social media for free 

>How to use paid advertising and be profitable 

>How to build a system of lead generation, conversion, and retention that is scalable and profitable from Day 1. 

Here is some advice to anyone who wants to get started but doesn’t know where to begin: you gotta take action. You gotta take that first step. If you don’t take that first step you won’t take anymore steps. You have to take action every single day. You have to realize this is a process. There is no such thing as an overnight success. You have to wake up you have to make a decision and you have to go.


In this episode Matt Milia & Kristen Bradaick interview Nick Krem, Owner and Co-Founder of Content Cardz. 

Nick’s Journey started out as a stand out football player from North Royalton Ohio. Growing up, Nick dreamed of being a professional athlete and was always obsessed with leveling up and become a better version of himself. Nick’s hard work grit and determination got him a scholarship to play ball at the college level. Nick, however, discovered that he wasn’t passionate about what he was doing in school and decided to join the workforce. Nick teamed up with Appointments Today and became an Inside Sales Rep. Nick was so great on the phone that after a few short months he moved into a coaching and team lead role where he helped countless teams excel at setting higher quality appointments. 

Nick found a massive unspoken challenge when it came to setting up face to face appointments for agents. He knew that in order to set great high-quality appointments the prospect must know, like, and trust the agent they were going to sell their home with. What he found was that Personal branding was missing for all of these agents. Nick also noticed that these same agents did not have quality content to engage, educate, and entertain the prospects so he got started on what is known today as Content Cardz. 

From Nick and his team: “One thing that’s always worked for me is applying the principles of personal branding. Whether you’re selling homes, working with buyers, or recruiting agents…our team has worked with agents in every circumstance. It was only a matter of time. I knew we would find a better way to get our knowledge and experience in the hands of agents across North America. This is why our Content Cardz community was formed! We not only serve the agent, but also the homeowner. This is why everything is so easy to implement for Content Cardz members. A happy homeowner is the end goal. This is what success looks like working with our team and all the members of the Content Cardz community!” 

It’s important to entertain, educate & execute on your videos. Find a spot in your city with an amazing background so people are more apt to view your video. Once you have the perfect setting you now must set the framework for the person you want your video to speak to. Start out asking a question to your viewers. Once you’ve asked the question speak to the challenges that person may be having and provide a solution. 

It’s just that easy.


In this episode Matt Milia & Kristen Bradaick interview Don DiFranco! 

Don is the CEO & Founder of IConnect Now, a digital signage company that provides businesses with simple affordable branding. Don is also Co-Founder of Events For A Cause which helps local non profits in the community. 

Don started his first business at age 24 and has been an entrepreneur ever since. He prides himself in community involvement. 

Branding your business is the key to growth! People do business with brands they recognize. In today’s modern business people are marketed to thousands of times a day. It’s up to you to create a brand that will stand out. 

That’s why going into 2020 and beyond you must own the hearts and minds of the consumer. IConnect Now is a great tool that you utilize to accomplish this as you create brand awareness!


In this episode, Matt Milia interviews Maria Mae Jeancola, COO of Aligned Health Center, Founder of Network Fifty Two, and Owner of NFT Insurance Group. 

An entrepreneur at heart, Maria loves helping people thrive and succeed. Being part of an amazing company like Aligned Health Center in the role of COO, and spreading the word of Chiropractic BioPhysics and Regenerative Medicine, has been an unbelievably rewarding experience for her. 

In addition to providing health care, she has built Network Fifty Two, a networking group that helps people connect and work together in a mutually beneficial way. The group meets every Thursday at noon and there is no cost to attend. Over 1,500 people have attended an NFT over the last three years. It proves that collaboration is a key ingredient in the pursuit of excellence. 

To further expand her reach to help others both personally and professionally, she owns a life and health insurance brokerage, NFT Insurance Group. This allows her to encompass her wide network of people, businesses, and services to provide a unique approach to help individuals and small businesses with the best possible solution when it comes to insurance, investments, and benefits. 

As a proud mother of three amazing children, she tries to lead by example, believing that a parent should not make their children their excuse, but their reason. 

Maria’s advice is to stop procrastinating. Some people use procrastination as a tool if they work well under pressure. Maria teaches people in her networking groups to use The Time Management Snowball. Write down everything you have to do, and next to it write down the time it will take you to finish that task, overestimate. Then reorder the list from the quickest task to the longest task. Take a few hours and knock out those little things. You will then have more to do the bigger projects.

Learning how to manage time and put plans into action is essential for success.


In this episode Matt Milia & Kristen Bradaick interview Jacqui Bowman, Realtor, Coach, CRS, and Team Owner at The Summit Group, Brokered by EXP Realty! 

Jacqui has been in the real estate industry for over 15 years. She doubled her business each year during the market crashes of 2006-2009. Managed an office of over 130 agents all while being a single mom. Various life experiences have brought her to where she is today. 

After growing a team, becoming a top agent, and creating avenues for passive income life is now focused on helping others. Her goal is to have you achieve more while doing less and increasing your net life. She is a true testament of adversity to greatness, her passion is to help all who come into her world. 

“What is one of the biggest challenges that today’s agents & entrepreneurs face? Getting clarity on what the right path is for you, personally. People get stuck waiting for a secret formula. Trust yourself. Try out different methods other people had success with. Find what you resonate with and go ALL IN! Believe in yourself. Trust in yourself. Have confidence in what you chose.”


In this episode Matt Milia & Kristen Bradaick interview Marvin Wesley II Coffman, Automation and Marketing Expert. 

From Marvin: “I have always had a knack for learning new platforms very quickly. My passion has always been teaching new technology to others. I really settled into this role at Microsoft. That is where I managed enterprise-level servers and had to come up with a wide array of different solutions for their problems. I would go into a team, map out a solution, test the solution, write the process behind the solution then teach my replacement how to run without me. I wanted to make a larger impact than for big corporations so I left Microsoft behind and started doing this for entrepreneurs. No matter what your struggles are online, my team can write a strategy and automated solution to bring your dreams to reality.” 

“People care about connecting with others who are on a similar journey. When you fall and pick yourself back up, your viewers learn from you. This creates an impact on their lives and helps them grow by learning from you. If you become consistent in choosing your passions, you will find people who will follow your journey. Nurturing a connection with them will make them want to support your journey and grow with you.”


In this episode Matt Milia & Kristen Bradaick interview JJ Spitler, Owner and Co-Founder of REVIVAL Marketing and Oregon Licensed Broker of EXP. 

Being a real estate agent himself, JJ Spitler knows the in’s and the outs of the industry. He knows what it takes to attract leads, close deals, and be successful as a realtor. JJ also knows that marketing/branding yourself in the right way can make or break that success, and what better platform is there for personal branding than on social media? This is how he came up with the concept for REVIVAL, an out-of-the-box lead generation agency that caters to lenders and real estate agents. JJ specializes in client acquisition and relations and serves as the first point of contact between the business and its clientele. 

In this episode JJ encourages people to start creating video content.


In this episode, Matt Milia gives you actionable takeaways you can plug into your business right away!

We talk about building a brand, content strategy and best of all some things you can do to build your business on a shoestring budget.

We also talk about the power of video and how to get the most out of it! 

“Be consistent with your branding. Be consistent with what you call yourself, what you specialize in, what your business is, who you serve and exactly what you are able to accomplish. You do that by putting out consistent content as often as you can. Videos make for awesome content. It’s all about consistency. People are more interested in seeing and getting to know you. Consistency keeps you top of mind and makes you the go-to because they think of you as the expert. The only way to do that is by being consistent with your content creation.”


In this episode, Matt Milia & Kristen Bradaick interview Zoe Meade, Owner and Founder of Mum Boss. Here is a bit about Zoe and her journey:

“Over the past 2 and a half years I have learnt so much about myself and others through solely focusing on personal discovery – it’s not only taught me how to go beyond my current circumstances/enemy in my head, it actually gave me a new life. 

Before I found personal discovery, I was in the worst place I had ever been in. Sadly, I was fighting a losing battle with the enemy inside my own head, it was always beating me up, constantly reminding me of the negative things, how other people had hurt me and about negative circumstances which I couldn’t control… As you can imagine this always made me feel BAD. 

Also because of this enemy in my head I wasn’t taking action in my business, my relationships were falling apart, I wasn’t the best Mum I could be, I never felt like I was enough, I was never living in the moment or enjoying life and to be honest I just felt LOST. It got to the point where that enemy in my head got so loud that it made me believe that I was a complete failure/burden on everyone around me which led me to trying to take my own life. 

LUCKILY, I was ok and didn’t cause any harm to myself… However, my family was completely shocked and that’s when everyone realized (Including myself) that something HAD to change…

In September 2017, I met Richard Wilkins and Liz Ivory who introduced me to their version of Personal Discovery… It was the best 5 days of my life because for the first time ever I felt like I had discovered the REAL ME. I suddenly knew that I WAS ENOUGH, I loved every part of myself, my relationship with my significant other Josh was better than ever, I let go of all of the hurt and anger towards other people and my relationship with my Family and Friends Blossomed. I became the best Mum to Isabella and started to enjoy every moment that life had to offer. I felt grateful for my life and an overwhelming feeling of contentment and happiness. I went beyond my current circumstances and that enemy in my head which was constantly getting me down. I FINALLY had FOUND ME and realized that I DESERVED TO HAVE IT ALL! 

Something else which Personal Discovery gave me is the ability to create the business of my dreams and enjoy the journey rather than just racing toward the destination! After the 5-day course I realized that all the previous businesses I had been working on were not my PURPOSE, so I left those businesses and started again. A couple of years down the line and here I am helping others have the same AWAKENING that I have already had! I believe that it’s so important to be as open and as honest as possible. I want to show others YOU ARE NOT ALONE, everything that you are currently going through as a Mum, Entrepreneur and woman… 

I have already been through. I understand the struggles and know what road blocks others will come up against and that’s WHY I wanted to introduce Personal Discovery to others so that together we can go BEYOND those roadblocks and AWAKEN THEIR INNNER MUM BOSS!” 

Here’s a highlight from the podcast episode: “Are you dealing with feeling like you’re not enough? This is a feeling that has developed over the years and it will build up if you let it. You have to be able to go beyond it and look outside yourself and consciously choose to stay positive. Focusing on the negative voice stops you from taking action in your own life. You have to know every day that it’s up to you choose and tell yourself upon waking up that you are enough.”


In this episode, Matt Milia & Kristen Bradaick interview Chris Stone, Founder & Director of Stonecraft Media. 

Chris is a digital tech wizard who specializes in video content strategies and production services for entrepreneurs. He has a proven track-record of using video to get unbelievable results for the people he works with. 

In addition to running his business, he takes pride in his role as a father, son, brother, friend & musician. Chris loves helping others and showing them how they can use video to enhance their business. 

Here’s a highlight from the podcast episode: “How do you stop the scroll? People scroll through their feeds quickly. They will keep watching your videos if you grab their attention and if it is for them. Try different ways to start your videos. Doing things that aren’t the norm would be great for pattern interruption.”


In this episode, Matt Milia & Kristen Bradaick interview Michael K Lawrence, Co-Founder of K&L Advisors and Content Cardz. 

Michael is a content marketing advisor to top real estate agents across the country. His companies help agents grow their real estate business using content. Michael has masterminded with celebrity real estate agents and he’s here to help you discover an easier way to grow your business using content. 

Here’s a highlight from the podcast episode, “The only thing stopping you from giving more value? You don’t believe in your work ethic yet. Your work ethic is the cornerstone of your business. 90% will not be implementing what you share with them. If they implement it, they are going to love and trust you more.”


In this episode, Matt Milia & Kristen Bradaick interview Chad Ratcliffe, Head Trainer & Sales Coach at Appointments Today. 

Chad is a seasoned veteran coach, trainer, & ISA for top real estate agents across the country. He has been a key component in the growth and training of not only ISA’s but also of top-notch agents. Chad shares some of his sales techniques & how you can take your Inside Sales team to the next level.

“The key to being successful when hiring an ISA is communication!”


In this episode, Matt Milia & Kristen Bradaick interview Alexander Piech III Real Estate Coach, Trainer, Author & Speaker. Alex began his real estate career in 2003, at the age of 20 and after successfully building multiple real estate brokerages in Connecticut, Alex relocated to Dallas, Texas in 2014, where he had the opportunity to work with one of the top Real Estate coaching companies in the world. 

Alex has coached and trained thousands of Real Estate Agents, including some of North Americas top producing Agents. In addition to coaching and training agents, Alex helped start an independent real estate brokerage in Frisco, Texas. He grew that brokerage to 268 closed transactions and generated over $2.3 million in commission income in just twelve months. 

In 2018, Alex published his first book “How to Dominate Your Market and Become The Go-To Listing Agents” which outlined the exact strategies he used when building the Frisco Brokerage. Because of Alex’s success as an Agent and Coach, he has been asked by multiple real estate technology and lead generation companies to help improve their products and services to better assist Agents in growing their businesses. 

Alex’s passion is to help as many Real Estate Agents as possible, build predictable, scalable and enjoyable real estate businesses. Alex shares one small mindset shift that will dramatically improve your results.